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Amrit Nagi

Senior HCD Designer in London

About me

Worked at CGI (via Logica) since 2004 as a graduate and have worked across the entire project lifecycle:

Always willing to get involved in a variety of initiatives – both in and outside of my comfort zone. I’m an analytical problem solver who loves taking on different challenges, learning on the job and that feeling of delivering client satisfaction.

2020 - present

Senior UI/UX Consultant


2009 - 2020

Technical Implementation Consultant


2004 - 2009

Business Analyst


2004 - 2006

Technical / Infrastructure Support


1999 - 2003

BSc Computer Science & Management Science

University of Edinburgh

What else?

Co-founded consultancy ( Astrava.Solutions ) in spare time - helping indivduals/businesses grow their business or turn their passion projects into a successful venture.

Also love dreaming up ideas and buying domains and tinkering with side projects (or watching them renew).

Most successful one has been - my directory style site featuring useful resources for Tailwind CSS.

2017 - present

Side Hustle (Evenings/Weekend)


2017 - present

Side Project (Successful/completed)

Been designing and developing websites since 1996 (yes, that means I remember Geocities, Frontpage/Dreamweaver, counters on websites, signing guestbooks and webrings).

Enjoy travelling - have done all the continents with the exception of Antartica, and have been lucky enough to see lots of the wonders in the world and have climbed Machu Picchu and recently Mount Kilimanjaro.

Experienced a wonderful rollercoaster as a Liverpool FC fan since 1989 (god bless John Barnes) and been following the Seahawks since 2013 (the legion of boom era) and looking foward to the new era!

Thanks for reading!

Use the links at the top to get in touch and maybe we can work together on something?

There's more to come, as I'm still working through the Svelte tutorial!